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Product Description

Whip Mix introduces Dentca digital denture materials, the first 3D-printed resins to receive FDA clearance.  Their physical properties and biocompatibility pass FDA requirements and give the printed denture properties very similar to conventional dentures. The results are fewer dentist visits, predictable fit, re-printable data files, lower costs and excellent intraoral denture performance.

The system, available from Whip Mix and validated by Dentca, is comprised of the Whip Mix VeriBuild, Asiga Max, and Asiga Pro 4K or the Asiga Pro 2 75  3D printers, the the Uvitron UV IntelliRay 600 Curing Unit, the Uvitron SunRay 400 UV Curing Unit, and the CUREbox Plus Curing Unit and Dentca 3D printable resins, including an ivory-colored try-in material, tooth materials in Vita shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 & B2, and denture base materials in Original Pink, Light Pink, Reddish Pink & Dark Pink shades.

*Dentca Denture Resin is available for sale in the US only



Dentca is the world’s first web-based digital denture design software. Simply upload, design, download and 3D print your dentures. Learn more.

Dentca Try-In
Dentca Denture Base II
Dentca Denture Teeth

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