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A Unique and Easy Way to Clean and Protect Removable Dental Appliances

Dental appliances can range from permanent fixtures to prosthetic or removable fixtures meant to help support, move, or even replace your teeth. These allow your teeth to work at full capacity while still remaining healthy, no matter the situation. The bonus to removable dental appliances is that they can be removed without a visit to the dentist’s office, making them easier to clean and care for.

Patients should be informed that if they are not properly cleaned, over time they may begin to smell, develop stains, and most importantly, shorten their lifespan. Learn how a new product enables the patient to easily clean, store, and protect all types of removable dental appliances including retainers, aligners, splints, nightguards, sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, and dentures.

In this course, the attendee will learn about:

  • Bacteria and how it lives on removable devices
  • Chairside Post-Operative Conversations
  • How adding special cleaning items can boost the bottom line in the practice


Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA

Shannon is a national and international speaker, published author and practicing dental assistant for over 30 years. She has published over 200 articles in regards to Clinical Application and taught thousands of dental assistants across the US and Canada. She has her own publication for dental assistants “From Our Side Of The Chair” ®and she has taught over 60,000 dental assistants over the last six years on clinical application for the dental assistant.

CE Credited Event