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To the new

Don’t worry, we are still the company you know and love, we just got a little face lift.

VeriPulse IOS

The Pulse IOS is a solution that offers a premium user experience, requires minimal training, easily adapts into the daily workflow, and has a low learning curve, which makes it the perfect choice for daily use by dental professionals worldwide.

VeriWhirl 3D Printed Parts Cleaner

Whip Mix’s new VeriWhirl resin cleaning station is the ideal piece of equipment to use in the 3D printed resin post processing process. It’s oscillating, multi-speed stirrer produces a tornado-like vortex every 60-seconds, that guarantees efficient, effective and powerful cleaning within 3 minutes whether the units are individual or still attached to the build plate.

Whip Mix is excited to introduce

VeriONE Digital

Whip Mix has launched a never-before-seen clinical workflow for dental practices. We are providing a practical solution for transitioning doctors from analog to digital. One phone call, one system, one workflow, VeriONE.

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Why Whip Mix

Our Value Propositions

To the customers we love, the team members we cherish, the suppliers we value, and the community and environment we share.
For the industries we serve, the company we represent, and the jobs we do.
In the promises and products we make.
For the future we face.


The Whip-Mix Proven Process
  • Together we evaluate that your needs align with our capabilities and resources.
  • We present solutions that best fit your needs and strengthen our growing relationship.
  • We promptly provide the training, resources, and materials to ensure your success.
  • As a team we are committed to making it right through continuous coaching and education to foster the growth of our professional relationship.
  • The Whip Mix family is dedicated to evolving with the latest technologies and market trends so we can instill best practices to ensure ideal results.
Meet Whip Mix

For over a century, Whip Mix has provided our customers with world-class products and services. From our analog products like gypsums and investments, to our digital products like 3Shape software, Roland milling units, and Asiga 3D printers, our team of dedicated professionals will ensure your success, from sales, to support, to service.

“Our customers choose Whip Mix because we provide assistance throughout the life of a product – from product selection, implementation, optimization and service.  We enhance their productivity with our technical expertise and by being responsive to their needs.  Buying from Whip Mix is much more than a transactional sale; it’s the beginning of a lasting relationship.”

Anne Steinbock
CEO, Whip Mix

What Industry Experts Are Saying About Whip Mix

Anita Cranford and Elise Jolita
Identical Dental Lab

“We’ve used Whip Mix tech support for a long time. Whether the problem is big or small, they’re always here to help.”

Dr. Collin Steinweg
General Practitioner, Clarksville Crossing Dental

“I started with Whip Mix in 2018. With Whip Mix, I have had help since day ONE. They’re very attentive to my needs. Every single question that I have, they have an answer that’s concise and accurate.”

Talk to a Human

We’re ready to be your digital solutions partner. You’re not going to hit a ridiculously long wait time when you call us. Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss. At Whip Mix, we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!