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Product Description
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Product Description

The IntelliRay is a compact microprocessor-controlled UV flood curing system. All system components are integrated into a small lamp head which can be easily mounted on the optional Rayven benchtop curing chamber or anywhere on a factory floor, with virtually no cabling or remote power boxes required. Just mount the head, connect the AC line cord, and start timed exposure curing! The system contains an integrated retractable shade type shutter, which allows for repeatable exposure timing, and shields the user from UV rays. The system’s LCD display and digital keypad make programming and monitoring of curing operations a snap. The long life arc lamp and parabolic reflector illuminate an 8 x 6 inch curing area with evenly distributed UV light. The arc lamp is powered by the state of the art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver.

  • Features a wide range of light (320-390nm)
  • High Capacity
  • Fully Enclosed curing chamber
  • Audible beep when cycle is finish
  • Cooling System to ensure reliability of the components
  • Integrated exposure shutter for highest protection from UV radiation
  • A long life 600-Watt metal halide-type map and parabolic reflector
  • Illuminates an 8 x 6 inch curing area with evenly distributed 115mW/cm2 UVA light
Technical Specifications

System Type
Parabolic Flood Curing System

Lamp Power

Input Voltage
200-240 VAC ±10% (auto-ranging)

Input Current (Max)
10.0/5.0 Amps

Irradiance @ 3″
175 mW/cm2 UVA, typical

Curing Area
8″ x 6″

13 lbs

Size (L x W x H)
11” x 10” x 9”

Uvitron Flood Filter Glass 3.3mm
Item No. 71275
Uvitron UVA 600 with Lamp
Item No. 71276
Uvitron IntelliRay Shutter Shade
Item No. 71277
Uvitron Fan Filter Elements 5 Pack
Item No. 71278
Uvitron Thumbscrew for Cover Assembly
Item No. 71279

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