Dentca Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin

If you are a dental office or a dental laboratory that uses a 3D printer, the easy, fast, clean and accurate way of creating natural-looking temporary restorations is now available with Dentca Temporary C&B 3D Print Resin.

Dentca Temp.  C&B material is FDA cleared with a 510(K) and is registered as a Class II medical device in Canada. It is biocompatible, photocurable, and is extremely fast since it can be printed in the dental office in under two hours. Production labs can print up to 70 single crowns with extraordinary detail in about 1 hour and 2 min., with an estimated $0.50 each in materials cost. Print multi-unit bridges, too!

Patient can be temporized with the highest quality temporary crowns, and leave the office with a beautiful, long-lasting temporary smile.

The resin offers ideal physical and mechanical properties. Its performance and strength are the same as conventional acrylic, and additionally, its dimensional stability under temperature changes is minimal, which helps even full arch bridges to last a minimum of one full year in the mouth.

Add to that durability, excellent esthetics and shade-matching capability with Vita shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, and BL (Bleach), and you have a great-looking, long-lasting material.

Dentca Temporary C&B resin is validated for use with the Asiga Max, Asiga Pro 2 , Asiga Pro 4K, and the Whip Mix Veribuild printers, and with the following curing units: Uvitron (SunRay 400 and IntelliRay 600),  and the CUREbox Plus.

For sale in the US & Canada only.

Item No. Description
71160 DENTCA Crown & Bridge - A1 1KG Buy
71161 DENTCA Crown & Bridge- A2 1KG Buy
71162 DENTCA Crown & Bridge- A3 1KG Buy
71163 DENTCA Crown & Bridge - A3.5 1KG Buy
71164 DENTCA Crown & Bridge - B1 1KG Buy
71165 DENTCA Crown & Bridge- B2 1KG Buy
71166 DENTCA Crown & Bridge – BL1 1KG Buy