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Check out the new Whip Mix Digital Solutions Guide

When it comes to Digital Technology, people often don’t know where to start. For example, where do you get the information to compare the differences and capabilities between Scanners, Mills, 3D Printers, Curing Units, Zirconia, and Resin Materials?  Whip Mix presents an educational guide containing clear information, descriptions, charts, and references to Whip Mix Digital Products.

This is a catalog that can assist in the decision-making process regardless of what stage of their “digital journey” they are in. Just click on the following link to download our free Whip Mix Digital Solutions Products Guide.

Do you want a better way of communicating with your doctors, wowing the patient, and getting faster case acceptance?  Well, you can by using our new Bellus3D Dental Pro Facial Scanning Solution.  Just see pages 13 & 14 in the catalog. Click on the Whip Mix website link for more information on what it is and how to use Bellus 3D Dental Pro. There you can observe how to align scanned models with a facial scan in the app, and how you can virtually align the scanned models and facial scans to the CAD Software, even with CBCT Scans.  A short video demonstrates some of these Bellus3D features.

There is a new Milling Tool in town! Be sure to check out the new Prima Milling Tools Whip Mix is offering in uncoated or diamond coated 2mm, 1mm, and 0.6mm sizes.  Find them on page 28 in the Guide.  These are high-performance Milling Tools.  They last 29% longer when compared with other popular milling tools, saving you up to 40% per restoration.

When looking for 3D Printing Resins, you’ll find all the different Whip Mix Resins we manufacture, with charts showing what resins works with which printers on pages 19 thru 23. For Digital Dentures, check out all of the Dentca Denture Resins on page 24. Dentca Temporary Crown & Bridge Resin is located on page 25.

Are you shopping for Zirconia? Whip Mix makes VeriCore ZR Pro and ZR Pro ML Zirconia at our home plant in Louisville, KY. All zirconia information, including sizes, are set on pages 30 & 31. Best of all, Whip Mix is now selling all our Vericore ZR Pro and ZR Pro ML Zirconia Direct, making it easier for you to acquire a beautiful, strong, quality zirconia that is Made in the USA.

Take your time and enjoy browsing our new Digital Solutions Products Catalog.  I bet it will become one of your favorite reference catalogs! Remember, I am also here at Whip Mix, ready to answer your questions, or to help you acquire the products you need.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sharon Britt
Technical Sales Associate
Whip Mix Corporation
800-626-5651 x 1270


Sharon Britt

Sharon has been a registered Dental Hygienist for over 25+ years and a Technical Sales Associate at Whip Mix since April of 2005. It is her love of talking about dentistry and her continuous desire to help people that motivates her. She is on the phone daily conducting Whip Mix sales business, helping with technical assistance, or sharing information on Whip Mix products to labs, dentists, and dental dealers. She is especially happy when she gets to invite and meet her customers at Whip Mix Digital Courses and Educational Events. Odds are if you live somewhere in the USA or Canada, you’ll soon be hearing from Sharon and having one of those chats with her.