New Prima Milling Tools

Whip Mix is now providing our milling customers with Prima Milling Tools, the high performance milling tools engineered specifically for Roland mills.

This new tool range outperforms the competition. The results show not only that the tools last 29% longer than most others, their precision creates pin-point accuracy, ensuring a perfect fit for the patient.

The tools are compatible with Mill Box and are sold at a very competitive price.

Our own Digital Technical Support Team have evaluated the tools in our Roland mills and had this to say:

“The tools are a drop-in replacement for Roland tools, so there is no need to make changes to the software to accommodate them. This will make the transition extremely easy for our current customers. All of the Prima tools seem to have exceptional life and a produce a great surface finish. We recommend switching to them.”



Prima dental milling tools last 29% longer than the competition. Coated tools milled 858 crowns in 357.5 hours with no signs of wear and no chipping.


The uncoated tools save up to 40% per restoration than market leaders.

  • Unique tooth angle design

The multi-fluted design improves efficiency & tool wear.


The CVD coating has 10x more diamond thickness than the closest competitor, and the substrate ensures maximum adhesion.


“They easily managed 40 crowns per day, 5 days a week for a month.”

“These are infinitely better than the tools we are buying currently.”

Item No. Description
72030 Prima Diamond Coated Milling Tool 0.6MM Buy
72029 Prima Diamond Coated Milling Tool 1.0MM Buy
72028 Prima Diamond Coated Milling Tool 2.0MM Buy
72033 Prima Uncoated Milling Tool 0.6MM Buy
72032 Prima Uncoated Milling Tool 1.0MM Buy
72031 Prima Uncoated Milling Tool 2.0MM Buy