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The Importance of Screening for Apnea in the Dental Office

Patients usually see their dentist more often than their physicians, and symptoms of sleep problems can be detected by an exam of the oral cavity. As dentists start looking into sleep and its effects on general health, they can move into a more comprehensive and beneficial screening process.

Start a Conversation with Your Patients About Sleep Disordered Breathing

Testing for airway problems in the dental office is growing in acceptance by the dental community. The significant negative health impact on patients exhibiting bruxism, snoring, and the debilitating effects of interrupted sleep should not be overlooked. Isn’t it time to start the conversation with them?

Whip Mix Insights: Great Resources for Learning More About Occlusion

There are dozens of books, videos, articles, eBooks, blogs and live courses that cover the subject in detail, so I thought I would offer some of the ones I feel do a great job of explaining this most important subject. It won’t matter whether you are a novice or an experienced expert, these resources offer a lot of valuable information.