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Taking Care of Our Vets with Digital Technology

Today am I so ever grateful to be able to sit in my office, get paid to do what I absolutely love, live where I want to live and enjoy the freedoms our country offers. I want to give credit where credit is due – to our US Service Members and Veterans.

Our Nation’s Greatest Treasures: Veterans

All too often we take our freedoms for granted and don’t reflect upon the sacrifices our Veterans have made to keep our freedoms free, since the founding of America.

It’s easy to forget the sacrifices that had to be made for us to enjoy these freedoms. However, the manifestation of sacrifices that are present in every VA hospital lobby filled with wheelchair-bound patients suffering from anomalies we can’t even pronounce, let alone comprehend how these injuries occurred.

These wounds may be both mental and physical; battle injuries or service-related, yet all endured on behalf of a grateful nation.

 Dr. Joe Massad’s case: Serving a Veteran Who Served Us

I am thankful for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you this Veteran’s Day and show you a case by Dr. Joe Massad who treated a retired Veteran.

The patient, George, needed a new nose and maxillary anterior teeth, both stolen from him by cancer.
George kept a positive attitude throughout the process. Dr. Massad and his team were inspired by George as he fought through these challenges.
Numerous complications required this procedure to be redone four times. The redesigns were made in digital design software, within a virtual environment, easing the repeated process. Due to the difficulties of scanning soft tissues without bone support, Dr. Massad began this process with a PVS impression and CBCT scans to plan his casework. This process helped Dr. Massad and his team to work seamlessly from analog to digital.

I have attached an article to review the complete details of the process. The technology of today allowed Dr. Massad to help George achieve the normalcy and reconstruction he had only dreamed of!

Here is a link to the case video and a link to the comprehensive article about this case.

This Veteran’s Day, think of the freedoms that we all share in our county…and thank a Veteran.