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Looking to the Future: Whip Mix Announces Leadership Transition and Introduces the 4th Generation of Family Leadership

Effective July 1st, Whip Mix Corporation will implement a transition in leadership. Allen Steinbock will be retiring and passing his current position as Board Chair to Anne Steinbock. Anne transitions from the CEO role, now taken over by Katherine Steinbock-Dyke who represents the 4th generation of family leadership of Whip Mix.


In a message announcing the news internally to the employees, Katherine wrote, “It is an honor and a privilege to hold this position because this company is so special to me. I am honored to have the chance to protect and improve upon the hard work that has occurred in prior generations.”


As the new CEO, Katherine is excited to build on the legacy that began with her great-grandparents and carried through Anne’s generation, a legacy that is focused on relationships. This focus on the wellbeing of their customers is what has set Whip Mix apart for the last century, and will continue to be the difference as they head into this exciting next chapter in the future of the company.


In Anne’s new position as Board Chair, she will be working closely with Katherine and the new members of the leadership team. “My focus as Chair will be as an advisor. I’ll be building and leading a group of talented experts who will provide guidance and advice for our new Top Management Team, led by Katherine.”


For the past 105 years, Whip Mix has been committed to providing industry-leading solutions for the dental industry. Now more than ever, the company is setting its sights on the future while it cements its continuity with the past. In the short-term, Katherine and the new Top Management Team will focus on building the team at Whip Mix. 


“My vision is to invest in our human capital and bet on ourselves to find solutions,” the new CEO said in a recent shareholders meeting.


Katherine brings with her a deep passion for the newly refined mission statement of Whip Mix, something we will be sharing much more about in the near future! 


An unwavering commitment to a team-first philosophy and culture that drives us to deliver dental products that enhance patient outcomes. It’s not just what we do, it’s our passion.