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See the Two Sides of Whip Mix at the Upcoming Dental Meetings

The next time you stroll down the aisles at a dental meeting, you’ll come across Whip Mix times two! We’re there as always, right under our royal blue logo banner with the big white swish, and still providing dental equipment and products that dentists and lab technicians have trusted for over 102 years. However, this year things may look different! Whip Mix will be showing our “digital side”, featuring scanners, 3D printers, software, print materials, and the equipment used for post-processing them.

For dentists, we have recently developed a unique, easy-to-implement, affordable, and fully-supported digital workflow called VeriONE Digital and we’ll be displaying it at dental shows under a sharp black logo banner with a shiny metallic blue circle.

You may not be aware, but Whip Mix has been making and selling digital equipment for over 15 years to labs. As a leading dental manufacturer, we recognized that we had to pivot to embrace, create, manufacturer, and support our dentists, and dental schools with this emerging technology. So we jumped in with both feet and started providing more educational opportunities and training for our customers with our free CE webinars, training videos, trade show classes, hands-on courses, and our popular annual Digital Forums.

The VeriONE Digital workflow is a system uniquely engineered and designed specifically for dentists by Whip Mix. It is an open system that bundles together a VeriPULSE Intraoral Scanner, the VeriEKO 3D Printer, a VeriWhirl Resin Washing Unit, and the VeriLUX Curing Light. It also includes the in-office setup & installation, staff training, and technical support, all from Whip Mix. VeriONE Digital is about improving the patient’s dental experience while saving the dentist time and money.  This system allows dentists to print study models, splints, surgical guides, temporary and permanent crowns, custom trays, and digital dentures. The designs for each can be done by the dentist’s favorite digital dental laboratory.

So be aware, that when you’re looking around at the meeting and you see different booths with the names Whip Mix and VeriONE, they are both Whip Mix. We are fraternal twins! Sometimes you’ll find us side by side in the same booth. Other times we may have separate booths in different locations at the same Dental Event. Together, we serve more parts of dentistry to help with more of your needs.


Here are some of the places you will find Whip Mix and VeriONE this year:

  • Hinman Meeting (Atlanta, GA) March 17-19, 2022, Booths #1021 and #1120
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (Orland, FL) April 27-30, 2022, Booth 94
  • Star of the North Meeting (St. Paul. MN): April 28–30, 2022, Booth 301
  • California Dental Association (Anaheim, CA): May 12-14, 2022, Booths # 1323
  • American Academy of Orthodontics (Miami Beach, FL): May 21–24, 2022, Booth TBA
  • American Academy of General Dentistry (Orlando, FL): July 27-30, 2022, Booth TBA
  • Kentucky Dental Association (French Lick, IN): August 25-28, 2022, Booth TBA
  • American Dental Association SmileCon (Las Vegas, NV): October 13-17, 2022, Booth TBA
  • Whip Mix 10th Annual Digital Forum (Louisville, KY): October 28-29 2022


If you will be missing the big dental meetings this year, contact Sharon Britt at 800-626-5651 x 1270. I am your personal guide, ready to help you or direct you to your VeriONE or Dental Technology Solutions rep. I can also assist you in locating one of the Whip Mix Regional live VeriONE Demonstration Events, share information on the Whip Mix Hands-on Courses we offer, or register you for our next exciting Whip Mix 2022 Digital Forum.

I am just a call away to help you with whichever side of Whip Mix you need.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we get the chance to talk!

Sharon Britt (800) 626-5651, ext. 1270.

Sharon Britt

Sharon has been a registered Dental Hygienist for over 25+ years and a Technical Sales Associate at Whip Mix since April of 2005. It is her love of talking about dentistry and her continuous desire to help people that motivates her. She is on the phone daily conducting Whip Mix sales business, helping with technical assistance, or sharing information on Whip Mix products to labs, dentists, and dental dealers. She is especially happy when she gets to invite and meet her customers at Whip Mix Digital Courses and Educational Events. Odds are if you live somewhere in the USA or Canada, you’ll soon be hearing from Sharon and having one of those chats with her.