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Year Warranty
Micron XY Resolution
Calibrated LCD's
Product Description
Technical Specifications
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Product Description

This outstanding compact printer delivers three times the speed of a regular LCD printer with exceptional accuracy, due to its 95+% LED light uniformity.

VeriEKO is ready to prove its printing power right out of the box!

It satisfies all of your printing needs with a 128 X 80mm print plate. 3D print temporary and permanent crowns and bridges, models and dies, surgical guides, splints, custom trays, and even dentures.

The VeriEKO is qualified with Whip Mix VeriMODEL OS (all shades), VeriGUIDE OS, KeySplint Soft, Dentca Denture, Dentca Temporary Crown & Bridge, Bego VarseoSmile Crown plus, Bego VarseoSmile Temp, VeriCAST OS, and VeriTRAY.

The VeriEKO is now qualified with 3rd party resins of Pac-Dent: Rodin™ Denture Base and Rodin™ Sculpture (Whip Mix is not a reseller).

Rodin™ Denture Base is a biocompatible Class II material suitable for printing all types of denture bases. Its high strength and low shrinkage properties produce excellent fitting denture bases.

Rodin™ Sculpture is a revolutionary breakthrough in digitally printed dental materials. Its Nano- hybrid ceramic formulation possesses superior mechanical characteristics and esthetic properties that allow technicians to produce life-like permanent restorations.

  • 54 calibrated LEDs means curing consistency
  • Ultra accurate, smooth, prints with its 49µm pixel-size
  • Anti-drip LCD panel protection
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Fail-safe VAT screen
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Easy replacement parts
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty
  • Intuitive and dental-focused 3D slicing software


Your VeriEKO comes with:

  • 3 Resin Vats (with pre-installed films)
  • 1 Wi-Fi dongle
  • 2 LCD Print Screens
  • 1 Hex key
  • 1 Ethernet cable
  • 1 Power cable
  • 1 Alpha 3D Software License


Medium Build Platform:

This smaller build platform will increase print speed and displace less resin. For those smaller print jobs, it could cut printing time in half.  The print area is 70 x 70 mm.

You can select the specific build platform under the printer selection of your software. Select either VeriEKO Medium M BP or VeriEKO for the larger build platform.


Alpha AI

Alpha 3D software introduces machine learning. The AI module will simplify your printing process and increase printing success by using just ONE CLICK. That one click will produce print piece orientation automatically and will support the build process in just a few seconds.

Presently you will be able to take advantage of three popular applications; Crown, Bridge, and Splint, but new applications will soon be added.


How does Alpha AI work?

The Alpha 3D AI module prepares the print by re-orienting the units to be printed for optimal output while keeping track of which side the units should face the build platform as well as the spacing between other units. The new feature will create the most ideal support structures without any other requirement from the user during this entire flow.

After the one-click, the file is complete and ready to send to the queue. If the user prefers to edit and make any changes, they can do that.


More features in Alpha 3d v3.0.8

  • Multi-selection: The user can select several objects at the same time by using ctrl and clicking on another object. They can perform other actions such as orienting the objects and generating supports for them. See an example here.
  • Show/Hide Grid: The user can choose if they want to show or hide the grid. See an example here
  • Print report: Besides the i3dp and ibf files, the slicing will also generate a pdf file. This file will produce the main print information in a pdf document. The PDF function can be disabled in the system settings.
  • Object Orientation: The user can now slightly change the object orientation after generating the supports. Before, this was not possible. If an object had support you would have to delete the supports and regenerate them.
  • Support Settings: The support settings are now linked to the resin. The auto support pre-settings will be linked to the resin choice.


Note: Alpha AI will be under continuous improvements based on customer feedback. If Alpha AI is not working properly, contact the Whip Mix technical support team.

Technical Specifications

Build Volume X, Y
128 x 80mm

Pixel Resolution

Monochrome LCD

Material Compatibility
Wide Range of Pre-Validated Resins

Printing Speed
Up to 4.5 cm/hour

Up to 10,000 Operation Hours

54 LEDs

Alpha 3D (Included)


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This is why we do what we do.

Michael Scherer, DMD, MS
Sonora, CA

Overall I am quite impressed with this little printer…it’s outstanding. Very simple to use, very clean, precise, and smooth. It’s beautiful visually with a very clean design inside.

John Cranham, DDS
Chesapeake, VA

Gorgeous design, gorgeous PRINT. VeriEKO is rolling! This thing is bad ass! It makes the other printer (VeriBUILD) look like a toy.

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