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VeriPULSE IOS Intraoral Scanner

Year Warranty
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Product Description
Technical Specifications
Features & Benefits
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Product Description

The VeriPULSE IOS is a solution that is ready to use right out of the box that offers premium user experience, that requires little training, implements easily in the daily workflow and low learning curve which makes it the perfect choice for daily use by dental professionals worldwide.

With next-generation software utilizing  new and innovative technology, the VeriPULSE IOS greatly increases scan speed and accuracy while adding even more features to support lab, restorative, and implant workflows:

  • Accuracy even under challenging scanning conditions
  • A fast and smooth scanning process
  • Exocad dentalProject and DWOS XOrder file export options in addition to STL, PLY & OBJ
  • Fully digital and PDF exportable lab prescriptions
  • New implant library with support for major implant manufacturers
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Free upgrade and no additional ongoing cost No. Fees. Ever.


Acquisition PC: VeriPULSE IOS comes complete with an optimized PC with software pre-installed to get you scanning quicker.


VeriPULSE IOS Software

Whip Mix Clinic –> Whip Mix Cloud

Whip Mix VeriPulse IOS Software


Whip Mix Clinic

Whip Mix Clinic Software is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included with the Pulse IOS. In addition to order management and scanning, the system allows you to share information with the lab via a cloud file-sharing solution. The software is highly intuitive, with a fast learning curve that provides fast and easy collaboration with the lab.

Using Whip Mix ensures:

  • A user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface
  • A clear workflow with a low learning curve for staff.
  • You can meet all of your restorative, orthodontic, and implant needs.
  • You can easily create or browse patient cases, scan, and share with your lab.


WhipMix Cloud

WhipMix Cloud is an innovative platform that connects VeriPULSE IOS users with dental labs and allows collaboration, case tracking, and seamless communication.

The software is an online case exchange tool through which VeriPULSE IOS users can upload cases. It’s very easy to register for and is easy to navigate for both the dentist and lab thanks to its clean user interface. A very nice feature of WhipMix Cloud is its built-in 3D viewer, which allows users to check images from all angles before downloading.

Technical Specifications

Compact, lightweight, ergonomic – designed to be operated with little physical effort

Scanner Type
Intraoral scanner that creates digital 3D models for dental restorations based on VeriPULSE IOS color impression solution

Scanner Tip
Biocompatible polymer (autoclavable)

Anti-fogging technology

Weight (hand piece only)
150 grams

Dimensions Scanner
L 256 mm, W 43 mm, H 43 mm

Dimensions Base
L 306 mm, W 98 mm, H 72 mm

Power Cord
1.8 meters

Acquisition Method
Intraoral camera – active stereo imaging

HD Image Capture

Color Scanning
24-bit (8-bit per channel)


PC Software / Hardware
Software Requirements
Windows 10 (Excluding Windows 10 S, now defunct)

Recommended Hardware
16 GB of RAM (DDR4 or better) • > 100 GB of free disk space • 4 Core Intel i7 (with >= 2.1 GHz base clock ,>=4.0 GHz Turbo/Boost clock) NVIDA Graphics Processor (10 series (GTX) 1070 or Greater with min 6GB video memory or NVIDA Graphics Processor (2000 series (RTX) 2060 or Greater with min 6GB video memory
* AMD GPU is NOT compatible with the Heron IOS

System Calibration
The system is pre-calibrated from factory and requires no user intervention

The Scanning Process
Scanning Principle
Continuously scanning and accumulating (stitching) depth and color data

Distance Scanner – Tooth
0-12 mm

Capture Time
< 2.0 minutes per arch

Computer – Scanner Interface
USB 3.0

Tooth Preparation
No powder or spray required


Software & Lab Integration
Output File Format

Compatibility with CAD/CAM Systems
Open Architecture • Output format STL, PLY and OBJ • Compatible with most Dental CAD systems

Heron IOS Case Management Software
Order management, scanning, validation and lab sharing application

The scanner software is set up to aid in the creation of restorations such as crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays

Touchscreen compatible

Features & Benefits
  1. Truly Ergonomic
    • Compact design, one of the lightest in the market ,weighs only 150 grams
    • Designed for dentist and patient comfort
    • 360 rotating tip for optimal scanning angle
  2. Truly Open system
    • Compatible with most Dental CAD systems, Exocad and DWOS file export options in addition to STL, PLY & OBJ
    • Provide flexibility in the lab’s choice of CAD system
  3. High efficiency
    • Fast scanning, full arch scan time < 2 minutes
    • An intuitive interface and workflow for scanning and order management
    • Efficient lab communication with WhipMix Clinic workflow
    • 250 times each tip can be autoclaved
    • Support wide range of indications of restorations and appliances
  4. Accuracy
    • HD image capture and color scanning
    • No powder or spray required
  1. No. Fees. Ever
    • No update or upgrade software fees
    • No subscription fees
    • No additional licensing fees
    • 2 years manufacturers warranty*
    • One, two and three years extended warranty is available
  2. Acquisition PC
    • VeriPULSE IOS comes complete with an optimized PC with software pre-installed to get you scanning quicker.
  3. Cloud based sharing
    • Patient information including scans and all other files is stored and shred with your lab using cloud-based sharing platform, WhipMix Cloud.


*Design service center (Evident Hub) integration with the WhipMix Clinic for most efficient case management work flow
*Users can access the Evident Hub portal from WhipMix Clinic home page

VeriPULSE IOS Intraoral Scanner
Item No. 70675
VeriPULSE IOS Lenovo Thinkpad P15 (included with scanner purchase)
Item No. 70680

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