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Power Mixer Loss of Vacuum

After long-term use the vacuum mixer might need some attention, i.e. a possible loss of vacuum. Follow these simple instructions and you can fix the problem within a few minutes.

Remember Your Internal Parts!

We often overlook the internal parts of our machines, and we need to take care of them outside and inside. Most of the machines that Whip Mix manufactures have internal parts that are maintainable by the technician and should be addressed on a routine maintenance schedule.

Getting Optimal Results When Trimming Dental Casts

The model trimmer is the workhorse in the lab and clinical setting for establishing a well-formed cast, once the impressions are poured in the gypsum of choice. In some cases, only minimal trimming is required just to make a quick diagnostic model, but nothing really display worthy.

Choosing a Vacuum Mixer

The difference between hand mixed and Vacuum Mixed gypsum and Investment products is obvious to the trained eye. However, what might not be obvious is how to choose a Vacuum Mixer when your current one wears out.