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Are Articulators Still the Gold Standard in Dentistry?

With the heavy push for digital dentistry and all things virtual, I have been asked to address the question “Are Articulators Still the Gold Standard in Dentistry”? First of all, digital manufacturing hasn’t reached every corner of the universe….yet. Not all labs or dental offices are ready nor equipped with digital know-how. With each new … Continued

Some Reasons for Non-Sellable Parts

Sometimes a customer will call with a part number wanting to order that given part to fix a piece of equipment or replace a missing part. Sometimes upon cross-referencing and finding the item number (the number needed to sell the part) it is discovered none exists, or in the articulator and facebow realm this is usually annotated by an *. If this is the case then a factory repair is required.

Disinfection Tips for Articulators

Thinking of heat sterilizing your articulators? The maximum temperature/time Whip Mix, Hanau and Denar aluminum parts will tolerate is 300°F/5 minutes.

Ancient Articulators and Moving Forward

In the real world of dentistry, there are grand old instruments used everyday that offer nowhere near the original function. Then there are the instruments that, in general, are left on the bookshelf or in the cabinet, and trotted out now and then, for the occasional “big” case.

Intelligent Guessing in Arbitrary Articulation

When it comes to mounting cases on Full Frame Articulators, we always hope that there is good patient information with the impression. It should include a good Facebow registration and bite registration. However, the fact of the matter is that most of the time none of that information is available.