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Print Stacks and Maximize Production with Your Asiga 3D Printers

Dramatically increase your 3D printing production by stacking your print jobs. Why not continue printing and producing lots of models, guides, RPD and crown & bridge castable patterns after normal business hours? You can do that every day with Asiga 3D printers. Here’s how.

Why (and How) Artistic Dental Laboratory Started 3D Printing

Most dental labs are considering adding 3D printing to their manufacturing technologies to accommodate their account’s move to intraoral scanning. We asked Artistic Dental Lab. why they decided it was time to start producing 3D printed objects and how they did it. This is their story.

How Derby Dental Lab Integrated 3D Printing [Customer Story]

When Derby Dental Lab found their digital account base had more than doubled in one year, they knew it was time to consider printing their own models. With some dedicated research and comparative testing, see how Derby Dental Lab chose the Asiga PRO2 for their lab.