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Changing Your Investment When Other Factors Change

Much like other dental materials, we would rather lose our fingers than change our investment! Recently, laboratories have started using 3D printed resins. Unfortunately, this new material, just like the solid plastic sprue predecessor, can create a problem. But, there’s a fix!

Whip Mix Insights: Key Success Factors for Private-label Products

Some laboratories have private-labeled products or services as a business model, either providing outsourced products which are then branded by the lab-customer, or having products made for them. Here are a few tips that will help your private-label business be the best it can be.

3D Printing is Not Just for Models

3D printing is growing quickly in the dental industry. Most laboratories receive a digital file from the dentist and are using it to print dental models. There is no doubt that printing them results in an accurate. detailed model, but if models should be printed, why not consider the other options?