2nd Quarter Promotions

Effective from april 1 – june 30, 2021

*Promotions for end-users in US & Canada Only. To receive gift cards, customer sends copy of purchase invoice to Whip Mix. For Dealer reimbursement – all reimbursement requests w/sales details must be submitted within 6 months of end of promotion.

For gift cards: Send invoice including contact name and phone number to ATTN: Anita Seekins; Whip Mix Corporation, 361 Farmington Ave, Louisville KY 40209 or fax to: 502-634-4512 or email to aseekins@whipmix.com.

*Free Goods are shipped with order from dealer. Meeting specials and/or promotional offers cannot be combined.

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VPMmini Vacuum Mixer
Buy a VPMmini Programmable Vacuum Mixer (item# 29400), get 1-500ml Flexible Vac-U-Mixer (item# 29352) FREE!* (Total retail value $223)
LeanRock Ivory
Buy 5 – 33# cartons Lean Rock Ivory or Blue (item#330029 or 330030),  get 1- 33# carton of the same FREE!* (retail value $73)
Digital Water Bath
Buy a Digital Waterbath (item# 05350), get a $50 gift card FREE!*
Buy a VPM2 Comp w/stand 115v (item# 29340), get a $100 gift card FREE!*
Digital Wax Carving Pencil
Buy a Digital Wax Carving Pencil 115v (item# 10157), get a $15 Amazon gift card FREE!*
Pro 200 Series Furnaces
Buy a Pro 200 (item# 93005) or ProPress 200 (item# 92005) Porcelain Furnace, get a Vacuum Pump (item# 95015) FREE* (retail value $639)
Buy 1 Formula 1 Investment 100/100gm (item# 38171), get 2-1 Liter Special Liquid Concentrate (item# 38127) FREE!* (retail value $92)