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Product Description
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Product Description

The VeriLUX light curing unit: for the effective polymerization of light-cured resins

While there are plenty of light-curing products available, they don’t always provide all of the features that both labs and dental offices want. Along comes the VeriLUX Curing Unit that checks all of the boxes. It’s small, yet has a sufficient-size curing chamber, it cures fast, it’s super-easy to use, and it polymerizes without the need for nitrogen or preheating, and it costs a whole lot less than most of the other units. Take a look at some of its features.

The VeriLUX is qualified with Whip Mix VeriBRAND Resins, Dentca, Keystone, and Bego resins. To see curing times, click here. To see additional post-curing values for validated resins, click here.

  • Foot print size: 140 X 165 X 90 mm. The perfect curing size for Dental Clinics and Labs.
  • Easy to use: Preloaded validated curing time database for wide range of resins with the turn of a dial and touch of a button.
  • Accuracy and consistency: Preloaded curing settings eliminate entering the wrong time or intensity.
  • Superior Performance: Smart UV-light source management system for maximized energy efficiency.
  • No need to use nitrogen or glycerol.
  • High efficiency: Cures most resins within a short time, and in most cases there’s no need to cure both sides.
  • Versatility: can add personalized settings by changing the time, power, and frequency.
  • Equipped with an SD card reader: for updating/saving material settings and curing times.
  • One year warranty
  • Very affordable!
Technical Specifications

Curing Time
1 sec to 20 min

LED Quantity

LED Wavelength
365, 385, and 405nm

Product Dimensions
200 x 220 x 160mm

Curing Chamber Dimensions
140 x 165 x 90mm

Power Supply
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz

LED Power Output


Net Weight

SD Card

Replacement Parts

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Brandon Stapleton
Prosthodontist | iDENTity Dental Studio

The Whip Mix VeriLUX is very easy to use: it’s self-explanatory, and simple to navigate. The size is just right and fits on my counter perfectly. I was shocked at how short the cure time is for the denture base and teeth. When it was finished, I could tell it did a great job!

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