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Indirect Bonding Using 3Shape Ortho Analyzer

You have hopefully learned a lot in the two recent webinars covering 3Shape software presented by the Digital Tech Team of Whip Mix, featuring Matt Davis. They covered the basics of Ortho Analyzer, and its workflow from scans to models. They demonstrated 3Shape’s Aligner Studio in order for you to be able to work with Ortho Analyzer in-depth.

This time, they will cover Indirect Bonding, starting with a prepped model, and adding brackets using 3Shape Ortho Analyzer. Then, using 3Shape Appliance Designer, they’ll export a model to be printed and used to make Indirect Bonding Trays.

The webinar is worth one-hour of Scientific credit if you are a CDT. Don’t miss this webinar. It promises to be highly informative and, if you know our Tech. Team, a lot of fun, too!


Matthew Davis

Digital Support Specialist

Whip Mix

Matt is a Digital Support Specialist at Whip Mix. Before joining the digital part of the company, he worked at Excel Orthodontics Lab for 4 years helping to develop the lab’s digital workflow and growing its digital footprint. During his years there, he transformed several analog orthodontic, implant, and sleep apnea workflows into successful digital workflows for the lab. When he started, the lab was using a single 3D printer, but by the time he left, he had fully incorporated three, including printers from Stratasys, Envisiontec, and Carbon. His experience growing the printing part of the business, coupled with his proficiency, made him invaluable to the lab and gave him a wealth of personal digital knowledge. Before he left the business to become a Digital Support Specialist at Whip Mix, Matt trained four of the lab’s employees on 3D printers and 3Shape software.

CE Credited Event