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Design, Print and Post-process Splints using VeriSPLINT, 3Shape Splint Studio, and Asiga Printers

Are you ready to produce splints digitally? Join this webinar to learn how to produce the first ever 3D Printed 510K-cleared Hard Splint using 3Shape’s New Splint Studio Software! Bryce Hiller will cover how to design a splint using Splint Studio, how to print the splints on the Asiga Max 3D printer, and how handle and post process the VeriSPLINT OS resin ensuring you will meet the biocompatibility standards.


Bryce Hiller Digital Marketing Specialist Whip Mix

Bryce Hiller

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Bryce Hiller has an Associate’s Degree in Information Sciences from Indiana-Wesleyan University and received his lab experience in his family lab, where he was instrumental in transitioning the lab from analog to digital. Originally a technician at Ford’s Dental Lab in Nelsonville, Ohio, he now specializes in 3Shape design, 3D printing, and milling. With a passion for helping labs and practices transition from analog to digital workflows, Bryce’s goal is to foster innovation and empower professionals in the dental industry with various CAD/CAM and digital manufacturing technologies.