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Effective Bite Splints

More tooth structure is lost today to excessive bite forces than to decay. Properly adjusted bite splints maximize load distribution, and minimize muscle activity. Splints can be more than a protective coating between the upper and lower teeth. Through a little basic anatomy and case presentations we will illustrate how effective bite splints can be when their true effects are understood.


Dr. Alain Aubé

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Dr. Alain Aubé graduated from the University of Montreal Dental Faculty in 1984. He immediately after underwent a tailored multi disciplinary residency program, with special emphasis on full mouth prosthodontics and orthognathic surgery. After a few years of private practice he continued with the full curriculum at the Dawson Center. From there he was introduced to Dr. Mark Piper and followed his complete program on TMJ pathology. In 2008, he founded the Canadian Occlusion Institute, an institute dedicated to teaching: 1) TMJ pathologies from a medical/orthopedic standpoint 2) Diagnosis and treatment of occlusally related problems.

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