Whip Mix Model 8500

The original Whip Mix® articulator based on research of renowned gnathologist Dr. Charles Stuart.

Model 8500 Articulator Features:

  • Adjustable condylar inclination: 0-70°
  • Adjustable progressive side shift: 0-40°
  • Adjustable intercondylar distance:
    • S (96mm)
    • M (110mm)
    • L (124mm)
  • Spring latch assembly holds articulator in centric position (when locked)
  • Spring latch assembly allows for easy separation of upper and lower members (when released)
  • Comes complete with: flat incisal table, dual-end incisal pin, 4 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual
Item No. Description
03689 Model 8500 Articulator Buy
#8806B Spring Latch Assembly (for model #8500 Articulator) Item No: 14524
#8526F Plastic Incisal Guide Only with Flat Surface Item No: 04235
#8527 Screw for Incisal Guide Table Item No: 04243
Whip Mix Verification Gage Whip Mix Verification Gage Item No: 20011670 Buy
Denar Universal Occlusal Stand Denar Universal Occlusal Stand Item No: 20011720 Buy
Converter & Magnetic Mounting Plates Converter Plates (2) for Whip Mix Articulators Item No: 20003145 Buy
8528 Dual-End Incisal Pin 8528 Dual-End Incisal Pin Item No: 04251 Buy
QuickMount Magnetic Mounting Plates "QM" Magnetic Mounting Plates - 100pk Item No: 28710 Buy
QM Magnetic System Conversion Kit 13/13mm QM Magnetic System Conversion Kit 13/13mm Item No: 28707 Buy
QM Plate Holder - 13mm QM Plate Holder – 13mm Item No: 28703 Buy
8580B Plastic Mounting Plates 8580B Plastic Mounting Plates - 100pk Item No: 28509 Buy
8580 Metal Mounting Plates 8580 Metal Mounting Plates, Standard (1 Pair) Item No: 03867 Buy
8533 Dovetail Incisal Block 8533 Dovetail Incisal Block Item No: 18870 Buy
Hanau Adjustable Guide Table for Whip Mix Articulators Adjustable Guide Table for Whip Mix Articulator Item No: 010631-000 Buy
2224Q Occlusal Template Stand 2224Q Two-Dimensional Occlusal Template Stand Item No: 34211 Buy
8575 Remounting Jig 8575 Remounting Jig Item No: 03735 Buy
8579Q QM Remounting Jig 8579Q QM Remounting Jig Item No: 03737 Buy
8780B Carrying Case 8780B Carrying Case Item No: 18155 Buy
Universal Tote Bag Universal Tote Bag Item No: 18156 Buy