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Training Your Clinical Staff on Digital Workflows

It’s vitally important to have properly trained digital workflow clinical team members. This is THE #1 ingredient to having a successful, efficient, and FUN digital dentistry practice. With the continued mass migration into digital dentistry, and the rise of “SMART” technology, it can be all too easy forget about the “human factor”. While it is … Continued

NBC Support of Dental Lab Technicians

Interestingly, it seems the more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know. In support of continuing education, we’d like to recognize the National Board for Certification (NBC) in Dental Laboratory Technician for creating an environment for lab techs to take their skills to the next level and receive recognition for what they … Continued

Don’t Forget the ‘Old Stuff’!

Don’t forget the ‘Old Stuff’. Know where we came from as an industry. Apply the lessons of the past to the materials and processes of the future.

Temperature, Chemistry, Physics and Your Lab

We all know that hot air rises and cold air sinks. We adjust to those conditions without even thinking, but what about the materials we use everyday in our labs? In some ways, they are more sensitive to the temps than we are. Read to see how we need to consider temperature, chemistry and physics.

Consistent Reactions Require Consistent Conditions

When the weather changes, so do the conditions in the lab, and therefore so do all of your chemical reactions. When that happens, consider the temperature and the humidity of your laboratory environment to accommodate the changes. Read to see how these changes affect your laboratory materials.