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Whip Mix Insights: Share Your Success by Giving Back

Every day, thousands of dentists and dental laboratories create beautiful smiles for those who can afford it. But what about those who can’t?

Most of us understand how important good oral health is for our general well-being, but, unfortunately, not everyone does. Happily, there are several philanthropic organizations that provide health literacy through education, advocate for policies that improve overall health through better oral health, and help those unable to obtain dental care.

Oral Health America is one such organization and is a favorite of mine. They fund their programs that support the prevention of oral disease and promote oral health through professional education opportunities, donated dental products, and by facilitating public-private partnerships. And, they have been doing it for 60 years!

Should You consider supporting OHA?

Whip Mix does. We give as both a Company and Family Foundation because it’s our way of giving back to the dental community.  By giving to OHA, our donation is combined with others so collectively we can make a bigger impact.  I like to think of OHA as the United Way of Dentistry because they provide funds and administer programs to support dental services and resources for Americans throughout their lifespan.

Some of their programs include Smiles Across America®, which focuses on preventing oral disease in children by supporting oral health services in school-based or school-linked settings.

The Wisdom Tooth Project®, which improves the lives of older adults by providing oral health resources and supporting policies that keep aging mouths healthy.

The Campaign for Oral Health Equity helps to educate all people across the lifespan about the importance of oral health.

By giving our annual unrestricted donation to OHA, it reaches more people than we, as a company or family, could ever do.  Personally, as a Board member and committee member, I have learned the importance of public health policy and funding. OHA is our Voice for advocating to improve oral health policies and access to care both at the national and state level.

There are several ways to help. One of the easiest is to become part of the Giving Circle. OHA states: The Giving Circle recognizes those generous donors who are committed to Oral Health America’s mission and help to ensure the future of oral health by their lifetime giving. Members of this group of philanthropic supporters include individuals, business leaders, dental professionals and others interested in the provision of equitable oral healthcare for all. 

For me, good oral health as part of overall health, is a basic need, not a privilege. The ability to chew food, the confidence to smile affects a person’s quality of life. Poor oral health is linked to systemic diseases and if left untreated can even lead to death.

Consider joining with me, my family, and Whip Mix, in helping to educate people of all ages about the value of understanding good oral health.

Anne Steinbock

Anne Steinbock, CEO of Whip Mix Corporation.