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What is a Micron? Why should you care?

To start, a micron is defined as a metric unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter. To break that down even further, think about how small 1 millimeter is… THEN, imagine that it takes 1000 microns to equal that 1 millimeter. Yeah, that’s teeny!

When we talk about articulators, it is inevitable that we will start talking about interchangeability and whether casts will cross-mount. Since the acquisition of Hanau™ and Denar® from Waterpik approximately 3 years ago, this topic has multiplied within our company. We’ve always had articulators that feature interchangeability, but how good is that feature and how good could we get it? How low can we really go?Micron Measure

Let’s look at the numbers…

Whip Mix articulators with the AccuMount Plate are interchangeable within 101 microns. The Hanau™ Wide-Vue and Modular models are interchangeable also at that 101 micron mark. As for Denar® articulators… you guessed it; they also interchange within 101 microns. To work with any of these systems would be great. You could rest assured that casts would cross-mount with no issue.

At Whip Mix, we’re always trying to improve our products and through a fantastic team of engineers and design managers, we created the Mark 300 Series by Denar®. The articulators were tested over and over again by Certified Dental Technicians and found to be interchangeable within 20 microns. That is pretty exact if you ask me.

To answer “why should you care?” is simple. Think about the hassle and expense that goes with shipping your entire system to and from the office and laboratory each and every time you need a case worked on. Think about how often you need to check calibration because of the wear and tear. Now, imagine the ease of sending just the casts back and forth. All you have to do is pair with a doctor or laboratory using the same interchangeable instrument you are, and your life can become a whole lot easier.

Small detail… big difference!

Video: The Utilization of the Mark 300 Series Articulators

Lisa Judd