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We’re ready to ASIST you! (not a typo!)

Today, people all across the country are celebrating April Fool’s day by playing practical jokes on others. We want you to know there’s no joking about our commitment to you! Whip Mix is dedicated to providing consistent quality to all our customers. What makes this possible is the Whip Mix Proven Process: A.S.I.S.T.

A – Assess – We ask questions and listen to learn about your needs

S – Solve – We present a solution and provide a quote based on your budget, needs, and deliverability

I – Implement – We confirm your order, validate your payment, and deliver to meet your expectations

S – Support – We provide training, educational resources, honor warranty agreements, and provide solutions for continuous improvement.

T – Track – We provide ongoing technical support, respond to customer feedback, and analyze product trends to provide you quality products.

Whip Mix team members have taken pride in making it right for our customers for the last 100 years. Now we look forward to making it right for you for the next 100 years!

Chelsey Phillips

Chelsey Phillips is the Growth Marketing Specialist at Whip Mix where she crafts data-driven marketing strategies. She grew up in the dental arena attending various dental shows throughout the country and has worked in the industry since 2014. She has a passion for communicating with dental markets and supports Whip Mix by using data-backed insights to grow our viewership, improve engagement, and assist our audience.