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Team Members: Our Special Ingredient this Labor Day

Labor Day in the United States is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the American labor movement and the social and economic achievements of American workers. Whip Mix would like to give a huge shout out and a warm thank you to all our past, present, and future team members, since the company would not be celebrating 100 years in business without the dedicated team members who make it all possible.

Whip Mix was founded when Mr. Edmund Steinbock joined forces with his brother to manufacture and sell the “Whip-Mixer”. Over the last 100 years, Whip Mix has employed thousands of team members. In 1958, Whip Mix expanded to the international market adding more team members to the family. Each individual’s contribution has laid the foundation for current and future team members.

Currently, Whip Mix employs just over 200 people. These team members work hard every day, striving to provide a high-quality product along with top-ranked customer service and technical support.  We strive to make it right, and will continue to do so as we head into the future with digital technology.

The world of dentistry is changing quickly, and our team members are ready to enhance their skills and embrace new opportunities.  We look forward to working and celebrating Labor Day for many more years.

Chelsey Phillips

Chelsey Phillips is the Growth Marketing Specialist at Whip Mix where she crafts data-driven marketing strategies. She grew up in the dental arena attending various dental shows throughout the country and has worked in the industry since 2014. She has a passion for communicating with dental markets and supports Whip Mix by using data-backed insights to grow our viewership, improve engagement, and assist our audience.