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ProJet 1200 Materials: FTX Green vs. FTX Cast [In 150 Words]

Whip Mix 3D Printed dental crown

At the end of last year, 3D Systems introduced a new material for use with the ProJet 1200, VisiJet FTX Cast. This new material is a wax and plastic hybrid. With the introduction of this new material came the question, which material should I use?

Like with most materials, it depends. If you want rigidity, then you will want to use FTX Green. It is great long-span bridges and delicate parts, whereas FTX Cast is ideal if you are looking to burnout multiple single units. The FTX Cast material melts much like a wax and reduces retention on the investment.

However, you are unable to fluidly move between using the two materials as it does require changes to the software settings. It is recommended that you choose the material that best fits your strategy and desired results. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the material properties.

Material Properties Overview:


Margaret Overmeer

Margaret Overmeer has been with Whip Mix for over 23 years and is the Director of Customer Relations & Technical Support.