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Print… Clean… Rinse and Repeat… The VeriWash provides Simplicity, Consistency and Visibility

The humble washing machine is an appliance that we often take for granted. Common in most homes throughout the world, the washing machine spins and effectively rids our clothes of stains and dirt.

Up until the early 20th century, villages often had washing houses, and one could tell how affluent a town was based on how many of those it had. Washing houses used more or less the same techniques as they would for washing in the rivers and streams. They would rub the clothing against rocks or sands, twist them, and then beat them with a wooden beater. In fact, many Americans washed their laundry in the rivers up until the Civil War.

Fast forward to today and consider that cleaning 3D printed parts can still be tedious. Once your restoration is printed and removed from the platform, you need to clean them before polymerizing the resin. Most labs either do it manually, with an ultrasonic or orbital shaker, of some sort, using separate containers.

As you can imagine, manually cleaning parts is so time consuming, that some labs use an ultrasonic cleaner, but that can cause breakage to the printed parts and. due to vibration, the alcohol actually evaporates quicker.

That is why Whip Mix Corporation has brought to market the VeriWash unit to address those issues of cleaning parts and streamlining your production processes.

Watch the VeriWash resin cleaning station video to see how it is the ideal piece of equipment to use in the 3D printed resin post processing process.


5 Reasons to invest in a VeriWash to clean and stream line your production process:
  1. Twin-tank Station Streamlining your digital Workflow
    You immediately notice cleaner parts. That is mainly due to the two stage cleaning process. The twin-tank resin cleaning station will allow you to clean printed parts quickly and efficiently. It was design specifically for the 2 step cleaning process of 3D printed parts. Imagine tank one for washing off 97% of the excess resin from your printed parts and tank 2 for the final cleaning process before the curing stage. The mesh basket allows you transfer your parts from the first stage where of excess resin washed away and easily place them into to the 2nd tank for final the cleaning process before the curing stage.
  2. Intelligent Design
    The unit’s intelligent design offers features such as Mode, Time, and Start/Stop button display, which gives you the operator full and automatic control of the cleaning process.Depending on the volume, you can choose the speed and set the timer to 3, 5 or even 10 minutes for washing with lots of parts, or for smaller jobs. Small but mighty you will be pleasant surprised that it has a small footprint.I love the removable wire basket that the parts are placed in during the cleaning process. It reminds of the French fry basket you see at your favorite fast food. Built for a speedy digital workflow, you remove the basket and the alcohol stays behind for the next job.
  3. Consumes Less Alcohol; the two-alcohol baths make an effective step-wash system. It cleans more efficiently and there is less alcohol needed.Since the alcohol is used for both a fresh bath and then re-used as a dirty bath, the printed pieces are efficiently washed using two tanks of alcohol in one of three different cyclesAlcohol lasts longer because the dual tank design keeps each alcohol pool cleaner. The dual tank design reduces cross-contamination, so there is no need to constantly fill the tanks with alcohol after you print with a different resin.
  4. Gentle yet Powerful Tornadic Vortex Cleaning Action
    The Tornadic Vortex effect creates gentle but yet powerful cleaning motion, washing off excess resin in the final cleaning cycle. For me it is something that resembles a whirlpool or a hellish vortex, with a battle of between Parts, Time, and Liquid, using a circular motion that forms a cavity or vacuum in the center of the circle.
  5. Affordable Price
    The VeriWash is the best value and most efficient cleaning apparatus available to the dental laboratory and the dental office. It is priced competitively and comes with one-year warranty ensuring peace-of-mind for the owner.


  • Oscillating, multi-speed stirrer produces a tornado-like vortex that guarantees efficient, effective and powerful cleaning within 3 minutes
  • Dual wash containers for step-wash system
  • Detachable wash containers
  • Cleans efficiently with low alcohol usage
  • Small footprint — needs minimal space
  • One-touch cleaning process with no mess

Tom Houle

Tom Houle is a Whip Mix as Territory Sales Manager for the West Coast. Tom’s 20+ years of experience in technical sales, business development and territory management helps the company’s continued growth in the digital product arena. Tom has been very successful as a Field Sales Rep, Regional Sales Manager and Director, and a CAD CAM Specialist for several well-known dental and dental laboratory products companies. His can-do attitude and his commitment to customers, recognized by countless lab owners and technicians across the country, will ensure his success in his new position. To contact Tom, call his cell phone (707) 470-9849, or email him at