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Five Reasons Why You Should Have An Annual Printer, Scanner, Mill Service Agreement (ASA)

Many companies are unsure of whether to consider an Annual Service Agreement for their equipment whether its for company owned/leased equipment or building maintenance services.  However, most will agree that proper service and maintenance is important.  One way to address this concern is through Annual Service Agreements (ASA).  ASA’s can provide peace of mind many are seeking.

I will be discussing five good reasons to consider an ASA with Whip Mix.

  1. Expedited response with expert advice via phone or email
    With a Whip Mix ASA, you move to the front of the line to get up and running again quickly.  Hours vary depending on the level of the ASA, however, we provide a 2-hour response time whether you call or email.
  2. Access to Loaners
    You may be down temporarily but you won’t be out – and Whip Mix will pick up the freight for all equipment under warranty!
  3. Budget consistency and saving money
    Let’s face it, some problems may be more difficult to fix than others, but you won’t have to pay a higher hourly technical support rate and you can flatten your year-to-year expense budgets.  Whip Mix offers three support levels to fit anyone’s budget.
  4. Keep your focus on what you do best and let our experts do what we do best.
  5. Training, Training, Training
    You and your staff can never have enough in today’s rapidly changing environment.  Each ASA customizable training to fit your needs is included.

So it appears there are many good reasons to consider an Annual Service Agreement:  Peace of mind followed by budget consistency and keeping your equipment at peak performance.  With Whip Mix’s 100 year history of providing dedicated service and support, we can set up the ideal ASA for you.  Contact me to discuss your needs or click here to start the process.

By the way, you can still purchase a Whip Mix ASA for your 3-Shape Desktop Scanner – even if you didn’t purchase it from us! Call us to find out how you can transfer your Dongle to Whip Mix and receive superior technical support.


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Ravage Stryczny

Ravage Stryczny is a Territory Sales Manager for Whip Mix Corporation. Since 1991, she has been associated with the dental field as a Registered Dental Hygienist, a practice manager, and in sales and territory management roles. Her expertise is developing long term relationships with clients and practices to advance the field of dentistry. Ms. Stryczny has a Bachelor of Science Degree from St Petersburg College. She currently travels to and supports major University Dental Schools. Ravage Stryczny lives in Bradenton, FL.

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