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Dental Digital Products and Buyer’s Remorse – It’s real, but there is a solution!

Buyer’s Remorse: We have all experienced this.

You buy a major appliance or new car. It is an expensive purchase. Then the doubt and fear creep in – “did I spend too much?”, “Do I really need this expensive car”…. If all goes well, these feelings pass with time as you get enjoyment and value from the purchase.

However, this anxiety is compounded if the expensive purchase develops problems or we really do not understand how to use all of its features. Then frustration sets in. In many cases, we are quick to blame the product or store to satisfy our Buyer Remorse. “It’s a lemon, take it back!”

Dental Digital Buyer Remorse is real!

A Lab or Dental office just spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is the latest digital bundle. The future of dentistry. Everyone is doing it.

Then, technicians and hygienists start grumbling about how difficult it is to use. It seems to not work as advertised. Buyer Remorse sets in. “It’s a lemon, take it back!” or worse yet, the $100,000 package becomes a coffee table.

 Technical Support is the antidote to Digital Buyer Remorse.

In many cases, Digital Buyer’s Remorse can been prevented if the selling company simply has the right Technical Support and it was proactive before, during, and after the sale (like Whip Mix!).

When buying digital products, the Buyer must do their homework on the Technical Support system each Selling Company offers. This needs to be completed BEFORE deciding who to buy from and what digital products are the best fit for your needs.



  • Does the selling company provide use and care documentation and training BEFORE the sale?
  • What is the manufacturer or dealer’s process after the sale? Is it a proactive process?? Do they provide on-site set-up and training to ensure all potential users understand how to use the equipment and how to troubleshoot typical start-up issues?
  • Will the Seller agree to follow up proactively after 30 days and 60 days to see how the system is working?
  • Does the Manufacturer AND the Dealer have an accessible and prompt Technical Support staff with backup processes in place?

Get answers to these questions before making an expensive digital purchase!

You will make a significantly better and informed decision and have a much more pleasant experience before, during, and, most importantly, after the sale.


The Whip Mix Technical Support Commitment

At Whip Mix, for over 100 years, our core philosophy has been to provide the most comprehensive product support. This same core practice has been carried into the digital Whip Mix Product Lines.

Whip Mix has a very extensive, knowledgeable, and accessible technical support group. In fact, it has recently restructured this group as a separate division to add focus to its customer technical support effort.

We continuously improve to remain the digital experts in our field. No need to make multiple calls to various manufacturers when one call to Whip Technical Support can provide the solution.

Internationally, Whip Mix has required its sales agents to increase technical support capabilities and requires the same from its Dealers who want to represent the Whip Mix Digital suite of products.


Internationally with Whip Mix, you get a three-tier Technical Support System.

The three Level Support process is the ‘Antidote’ to Dental Digital Buyer’s Remorse

Level 1 – the Dealer. They are Whip Mix trained, in the country, and readily accessible to the customer.

Level 2 – the Sales Agent. They are Whip Mix trained and available to support the Dealer and provide direct support to the end-user as well.

Level 3 – the Whip Mix Technical Support Group. We provide the “support” to the “support” and can interact directly as needed with the end-user.


The Value of the Whip Mix Technical Support Process:

Continuous training – keep current on products & software

Effective Issue Resolution – No need to track down multiple manufacturers; One call does it all

Collaboration – the three-tier system builds on each other’s knowledge and expertise

Peace-of-Mind – shut-down Buyer Remorse before it even sets in!


Meet the Whip Mix International Sales Agent and Technical Support Teams:

Central & South America


Contact: Luis Grande
Address: 10421 Northwest 28th Street # D-107, Doral, FL, USA 33172
Phone: 786-542-5535
Fax: 786-703-7120


Asia Pacific Region


Contact: John Linebaugh
Address: 677 N. Washington Blvd. Suite 111, Sarasota, FL, USA 34236
Sales and Technical Support Locations:  Thailand; Philippines; Singapore
Phone: +66.80.578.9316


Africa, Middle East & South Asia


Contact: Dr. Habib Hashemi
Address: 700 East Main Street, Turlock, CA, USA
Sales and Technical Support Locations:  Dubai UAE
Phone: 209-667-7204
Fax: 209-667-8506




Contact: Michael M. Hegemann
Address: Wibstrasse 26-28, D-44137, Dortmund
Phone: +49 (0) 231-567 70 8-11
Fax: +49 (0) 231-567 70 8-50

Pete Kazunas

Pete began his tenure at Whip Mix in 2021 to lead the growth in International Sales. He worked with the Company’s leadership team as a management consultant prior to joining Whip Mix. Before his Whip Mix involvement, Pete was CEO of a leading offshore mooring and rigging manufacturing and distribution group of companies serving the domestic and international marine and oil markets. Whip Mix uses an extensive network of Dealers covering most countries in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe with relationships extending 40+ years. As the international dental landscape moves digital while maintaining a strong analog foundation, Pete is excited to use his strengths in business development and sales management to support the sustainable growth of the Whip Mix international dealers and partners.