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7 Products Every Dental Lab Needs to Go LEAN

Our LEAN journey is more than just improving processes and 5Sing your dental lab it’s also about the adaption of new lab products that will help you streamline your production.  Here are 7 products that you should consider adding to your lab when going LEAN.

Whip Mix AquaSpense & AquaSpense SL Dental Liquid Dispenser

AquaSpense & AquaSpense SL

Problem: Remakes as a result of inconsistencies in model work and castings due to human error in calculating liquid/powder ratios and the variability of pre-weighed powder.

Lean Solution: A device that ensures that an accurate liquid/powder ratio is achieved, regardless of powder weight variability, providing predictable results during the model making or investing process.

The AquaSpense & AquaSpense SL accurately weigh gypsum or investment powder and dispenses the precise amount of water and/or special liquid required, meaning you don’t have to measure by hand, eliminating human error, maintains accurate liquid/powder ratios giving you more predictable results for both models and castings.

Save-time-and-pour-multiple-bases-with-FlowstoneFlowstone Fluid, Low-Expansion Base Stone 

Problem: The use of lab stone or die stone, in traditional basing procedures, results in higher expansions and increased in accuracies, as well as extended stacking time and trimming techniques.

Lean Solution: A fluid base stone that allows the pouring of multiple bases with one mix.

Flowstone or Flowstone FS has a working time tailored to your need allowing technicians to pour multiple bases, has a fluid consistency for easy pouring, no vibration needed and has a dense surface to resist dowel pin abrasion.

press-lean-propress SPProPress SP Series Furnace

PROBLEM: A pressing machine that is reliable but flexible in its usage, which works with different kinds of press materials, not only current materials but future materials so, I can continue to use my machine going forward.

LEAN SOLUTION: A pressing furnace that allows for pressing all material types, minimizes reaction layers and allows pressing for split/cracked rings.

ProPress SP uses automated pressing parameters, or lets you control the machine when necessary. It can be programed for all of the current pressable Ceramics, but also for standard ceramics.  The sense press advantage is that the furnace monitors the movement of the pressed glass. As the glass stops moving ,the machine will stop the press cycle so that you do not ‘over press’ which can lead to excess reaction layer. It also contains a low pressure press for the times when you see an investment crack coming from the burnout furnace, or you need to reduce the velocity of the pressed glass because of an intricate pattern.

LeanRock_web-resized-390LeanRock & LeanRock XL5

Problem: The bottleneck associated with large batches hitting all at once.

Lean Solution: A die stone that allows the pouring of models with one mix and elimination of the “bottleneck”.

LeanRock & LeanRock XL5 are formulated specifically for laboratories who want to pour small batches (about 6) and have working models ready to pull form impressions in 15 minutes. The decreased processing time also speeds up remakes and those emergency repairs needed in a hurry.

Automate-the-mixing-process-with-a-vacuum-mixerVPM2 Programable Vacuum Mixing Unit

Problem: Inconsistencies in model production as well as investing, often due to untrained, inexperienced technicians. Products are often not mixed to manufacturers specifications and remakes are often needed. Time and materials are wasted.

Lean Solution: Automate the mixing process with a vacuum mixer that ensures consistency day to day, one technician to another…every time.

The VPM2  is designed for vacuum mixing all types of gypsums, plasters and investments. You can enter up to 30 separate programs using several parameters to custom mix a material. Utilizing multiple stages, the VPM2 can be programmed for time, speed and paddle direction.


PROBLEM: Waiting for the pressed units to cool down and having to manually divest them. This takes a large amount of time and it is not very productive.

LEAN SOLUTION: A machine that would allow me to start the divesting program right out of the pressing furnace, and then be hands free.

The Xcavator is the first ever automated divesting unit for divesting pressable ceramics. It allows you to place the hot ring directly into the machine, saving an hour or more of cooling time. You can select between the two most common size rings (100 and 200 gram) and you can manually touch-up rings in less than one minute.

universal-investment-formula 1Formula 1

Problem: Multiple investments required for alloy casting versus pressable ceramics

Lean Solution: A high performance, universal investment that works equally well for all alloys and pressable ceramics.

Formula 1 has a wide expansion range making it suited for a myriad of applications, can be used with rapid and standard burnout, has a 15-minute benchset, reduced processing time and 30-minute burnout increases lab productivity.

Sarah Brom-Criscola

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