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5 Things Whip Mix is Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like many of you, today I will be stuffing my face full of yummy food. However, today isn’t just about the food. Today is a day to give thanks for and celebrate the blessings in our life.

All of us at Whip Mix have many things to be grateful for. Here are 5 examples:

  1. We are grateful for our valued team members who genuinely strive to provide a high quality product with excellent technical and customer service.
  2. We are grateful to our valued dealers, distributors, and partners who we work with every day.
  3. We are grateful for our customers. We value your trust in us and our products.
  4. We are grateful to be included in and involved with the dental industry and its vast array of talented people.
  5. We are grateful to be celebrating 100 years in business, while we simultaneously build on the past and look forward to a wonderful future.

Thanksgiving 2019 Blog


Chelsey Phillips

Chelsey Phillips is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Whip Mix where she oversees digital and online marketing. She supports Whip Mix by sharing educational resources, posting to social media sites, and maintaining online presence.

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