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4 Compelling Reasons You Should Think Outside Of the Reline

I got my start in the dental industry in *ahem* 1993, back home in Columbus, Ohio. At the young age of 5, my mother would ask me at the end of every school year what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was consistent during those 13 years of my life… “Mom, I want to be a Dentist!” My junior year in high school I had an opportunity to be introduced to the dental industry and I took it. I attended a vocational school for Dental Lab Technology for a half day my last two years in high school. I was truly inspired by my instructors, Phillip Shepherd and Frank Moeckel, who were both extremely passionate, not only about our industry, but raising up new technicians and giving direction to their students. I participated in every extra-curricular activity so I could learn more, which included participating in a state wide VICA contest. I placed second in the state of Ohio as a student dental technician and it was then that I was hooked! No turning back. I loved working at the bench as a removable technician… but there was always a love hate relationship between me and the reline cases that came through the lab.

James_Davidge_reline_blog.jpgSo, if I were sitting in a room of removable technicians and posed this question; “How many of you who have used and love Molloplast B, also love finishing it?” How many hands would I see? *Looking around the room* Personally, I think it is great. It works well… does the job… but no matter what “special” bur you gave me to use I always feared it grabbing the silicone and throwing the denture across the bench, not to mention the possibility that I just might lose a finger or two.

Fast forward to the present day. Technology has shifted and our industry has been transformed. The level of work that I see technicians putting out with incredible characterization with removables has blown my mind, truly beautiful works of art. Most days I start my mornings off scrolling through the Oral Architects of Removable Prosthodontics group on Facebook, admiring the craftsmanship within our community. With that shift in quality and technology, a new soft liner has hit the block. But before I share with you some unique situations with this new liner, I have to be clear about one thing. Preference Soft Denture Liner is not just another liner.

Preference Soft Denture Liner is a long term silicone based soft liner with a natural-like feel to it that stays soft over time. This material will allow the denture to snap up around the ridge and is ideal for uneven ridges. There is an incredibly strong seal between the denture and the liner that will protect against delamination as well as bacterial and fungal growth. Preference liner is not only ideal for rebased and relined dentures, but it is a great material to offer as a premium alternative to new denture patients as a soft lined denture, Cu-Sil cases, gaskets, implants and even for alleviating sore spots in a denture. Not to mention it is super easy to finish!

So here are just a few examples where some of you have already thought outside of the box with this material.

1. Elderly patient had a ramus blade implant that needed repaired. Parts are no longer available for this implant. Said patient had no desire to go through surgery to have a new implant put in place. The lab was able to use relief wax and process the lower denture with Preference liner, allowing the ridged, yet flexible material to grip onto the blade, securing said patients denture in place.

2. The statement this lab provided for me is pretty powerful, so I will just use his words verbatim:

“Preference is not only for dentures.  At RDL we used Preference in a custom appliance for a 4-year-old patient suffering from Dentogenesis Imperfecta.  Even though Preference is not promoted for this application it worked perfectly.  Seeing the smile on that child’s face makes a technician really think about what we do and what it means to people on a daily basis.  Thanks to Whip Mix for aiding me on that special day.”

Travis Steward, Removable Manager
Russellville Dental Laboratory

3. Then there is this case:

Cancer of the palate patient. You are looking through the floor of the sinus. The lab was able to close the defect with a partial denture lined with Preference Soft Liner to close and seal the area.

reline_blog_2.jpg reline_blog_1.jpg

4.  A retired removable dental technician could not get his lower denture stabilized due to some bony undercuts. The lab was able to do a lower lingual extension by going to the floor of the mouth into those bony undercuts on the mandible. The rigid, yet flexible properties of Preference liner allowed this patient to experience comfort and a stable denture.

So let’s go back to that room where we are all sitting together. I have one last question. “Please raise your hand if these 4 unique cases have compelled you think outside of the reline?” As a removable technician at heart, I know that this truly engages my interest and it is something that I have become very passionate about. When that next case that comes in the door has you scratching your head, consider the possibilities of Preference liner as a solution. You will be glad you did, and the patient will be thanking you.

Sherri Weatherby

Sherri Weatherby is a Territory Sales Manager at Whip Mix. She focuses on sales efforts of the Whip Mix and Dental Technology Solutions products and services in the southern half of the United States. Sherri has over 25 years in the dental industry as a lab technician, retail, direct and manufacturing sales.