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Product Description
Physical Properties
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Product Description

This outstanding phosphate investment has these advantages:

  • Contains carbon for bright, gold-colored castings
  • Expansion can be controlled to fit your needs — yet technic is easy to follow
  • Even extremely thin sections will be cast with sharp, clean margins just like lower-fusing golds
  • Accurately fitting castings with smooth and clean surfaces — without grinding. Uniform results time after time.

The chart shows the effective expansion figures obtainable by varying the concentration of Special Liquid. A 75% concentration, 3 parts Special Liquid Concentrate and 1 part Water, is generally preferred. Thermal and also setting expansion will increase by greater Special Liquid concentration; these expansions will decrease by dilution with more water. Consequently, expansion can be controlled to fit individual needs.

There is no additional thermal expansion between 700 degrees C and 1000 degrees C (1300 degrees F and 1800 degrees F). The curve in the chart shows different figures for the thermal expansion merely as a result from higher or lower concentration of Special Liquid Concentrate. The setting expansion for a bench-set mold is shown in the lowest curve below.

*Suggested concentration of Special Liquid Concentrate is 75% (3 parts liquid to 1 part water).

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
16 mL/100 g powder

Working Time
6-7 minutes

Setting Expansion

Thermal Expansion

Ceramigold 144 – 60g Packages
Item No. 00427
Ceramigold 144 – 90g Packages
Item No. 00435
Special Liquid Concentrate
Special Liquid Concentrate 340mL Bottle
Item No. 02135
Special Liquid Concentrate 6 Pack 340mL Bottles
Item No. 02130
Special Liquid Concentrate 1 Liter Bottle
Item No. 02194
Special Liquid Concentrate 6 Pack 1 Liter Bottles
Item No. 02190
Special Liquid Concentrate Gallon/3.75L
Item No. 02240

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