about us

WMC started to make a name for itself in the 1920’s with innovative solutions in the lost wax casting process.  Our equipment and materials continue to be highly regarded as the standard in dental labs around the globe.

We started supplying other companies during the war effort in the 1940’s. After staring a precision casting foundry based on our experience in the dental field, WMC brought those innovations to the industrial casting field, and receiving U.S. Patents for many of those improvements.  We are still proud of the way our small, lightweight, precision, castings found their way into the aviation industry.  Many important components, such as the machine gears for the Norden bombsight were traceable to the technology we developed.

That same innovative spirit and willingness to take on challenges drives our team members in the 21st century.  We actually specialize in the short run quantities that other, more commercialized, job shops avoid or charge a premium for.

Our motto is, “the impossible just takes a little longer”. Put us to the test by clicking on the CONTACT

Like beauty, quality is in the eye of the beholder.  You, as the Customer, know quality when you see it.  Our job is to quantify your quality expectations so that there are no surprises when you open your shipment from WMC Manufacturing.

Towards that end, we have a fully implemented and mature Quality System which meets all requirements of the International Standards Organization ISO 13485:2016.  We are regularly audited by an internationally recognized independent compliance auditing firm, in addition to our own internal audits.  We take quality very seriously at WMC Manufacturing.

If you are sourcing the components for a medical device or the entire device itself, you know how important it is to comply with the myriad of FDA regulations in the U.S..  Our expertise in this area stems directly from the variety of medical devices we manufacture for our parent corporation.  We know the regulations for Type I, and Type II medical devices inside and out.

Let us help you produce and document your medical device products, and processes, in a way which will comply with all FDA requirements.  The patient’s health and safety demands no less.  Click the CONTACT, and let’s discuss how we can become partners in your success.