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Why the Asiga Pro 4K 3D Printer?

As many of you already know, there are plenty of production printers available to dental laboratories out there however, the Asiga Pro 4K stands out in the crowd. Why is that?

Having the ability to print 28 accurate quadrant models at 15mm tall in 20 minutes; 14 accurate full arch orthodontic models at 20mm tall in 25 minutes and 14 accurate surgical guides at 25mm tall in 35 minutes, makes it clear that the Asiga Pro 4K is superior in its accuracy and speed, unlike many others in the marketplace.

A huge advantage that the Asiga Pro 4K has over some of the competition is that it is completely open-source. What this means is that you can print any 385nm and most 405nm resins. There are over 400 resins you can choose from to print on the Pro 4K, and that number is growing each day. Unfortunately, when you have a printer that is a closed source type, you are required to use the resins that the printer company chooses and pay the prices that the company sets. Thankfully, with the Pro 4K you have the freedom of choice to use any resin you want, and decide which price point you want to be at.

I have helped several labs in the industry that have transitioned from other production printers to the Asiga Pro 4K and they are thrilled. When considering the ROI (return on investment) over 3 years, the average cost savings is approximately $114,200. This is arrived at by factoring 20 liters of resin used per month (approximately 1,000 models per month), new build trays for the Asiga to support that volume of resin use, curing units, and wear and tear on the printers. I’d like to also mention that when you purchase an Asiga Pro 4K, you OWN it. This is not a lease, we will not require any payments for this printer after you’ve purchased it: it is yours to keep and the Asiga Composer software updates are free of charge with no annual fees.

On average, labs and businesses charge $30-$35 per upper and lower arch printed. When you print those arches yourself, and factor in resin and build tray use, that same upper and lower model would cost an average of $9.40. There are ways to bring that cost down from $9.40, such as less expensive resins, higher capacity build trays, etc., but I want to be conservative in my cost savings so that you see the full picture. With spending only $9.40 per model, that is a savings of $23.10 per upper and lower. If you are a high-production printing laboratory and using an average of 5 Liters of resin per week, 20 Liters per month (1,000 models per month), you would be saving approximately $23,100 PER MONTH ($277,200 per YEAR). That cost savings would even justify your lab’s potential to hire another employee to run the printer if needed.

Lastly, your printer is only as good as the company and technical support that comes with it. Whip Mix takes great pride in having one of the very best technical support teams in the nation. We have helped educate, train, and service hundreds of labs and dental practice’s Asiga printers across the nation, and the world, since we began our partnership with Asiga. We are proud of the level of care and precision we dedicate to each printer during the inspection process, prior to that printer being shipped to you. From the moment that your printer hits our dock, to the moment it is in your own laboratory we are here every step of the way to make sure that your experience with the Asiga Pro 4K is positive, efficient and revolutionary for your business.


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Cassandra Dombrowski

Born and raised in Michigan, Cassandra graduated from Ferris State University with her Bachelors in Health Sciences and Dental Hygiene, propelling her into the world of dental health and sales. After her dental hygiene experiences in Michigan, Cassandra moved to Dacula, Georgia where she transitioned into the corporate dental world. In February of 2018 she moved to Louisville, Kentucky where she continued working in private practice dentistry as a RDH and is ecstatic to have transitioned onto the Whip Mix team as a domestic sales representative.

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