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Why Invest in New Technology for Your Dental Lab? [In Under 300 Words]

invest-spend-technology-dentallabsIn order for dental labs to succeed in today’s competitive market it is imperative for them to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and grow revenue. Whether your lab’s goal is to survive or thrive, investing in new technology will enable your lab to:

  • Make a better product
  • Make it faster
  • Make it cheaper

Making a better product.

According to original LMT research, the number one reason a dentist changes laboratories is inconsistent quality/technical problems. Investing in technology will enable you to make a better, more consistent product each and every time. This means lower remake rates, happier customers and increased patient satisfaction. Happy customers mean fewer lost accounts and possibly more new customer referrals.

Making a product faster.

For many labs, time is of the essence. Investing in new technology will help improve case delivery times and fewer late cases. In addition, new technology enables dental labs to make more units and expand their client base. Increased patient satisfaction and referrals of new customers are also benefits of incorporating new technology.

Making a product cheaper.

While many people think cheaper isn’t always better, in this case it is. New technology enables dental labs to mill restorations with consistent quality and reliability each and every time. This means that there is an improved profit margin and less lost business due to price.  In addition, dental labs are given the ability to compete more effectively and if desired, increase their volume without compromising time, quality and reliability.

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Sarah Brom-Criscola

Sarah Brom-Criscola is a Sr. Marketing Specialist where she oversees digital and content marketing. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University and MBA from Bellarmine University.