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Whip Mix Insights: Exceeding Customer Service Expectations

What are the things you always expect from Customer Service in any business? I think we can all agree that, at a minimum, you expect:

  • To receive the correct product
  • The right quantity you ordered
  • That it will be shipped in a timely manner
  • That it’s the correct price.

How do the people on the phones at your lab handle customer service issues? Are they trained to be polite, answer all questions in a timely manner, and follow up when indicated? There is no one in your lab that isn’t a customer relations/service agent. Anyone speaking with your accounts needs to perfect some techniques to ensure happy clientele.

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At Whip Mix, we believe that providing superior customer service is much more than correctly entering and shipping an order. It is finding the best resolution available to quickly satisfy the customer’s needs – whatever they are. Whether it is processing a case or providing product or technical information.

I asked our customer service team what they thought was most important thing they do to ensure excellence in customer service. Here is what they said:

  • Let the customer know you appreciate them and want to help them
  • Listen to the customer carefully and completely so you can provide the best possible solution
  • Good communication is a must and needs to be a two-way street
  • Identify the customer’s problem, then confidently provide more than one option or resolution for the customer to choose from.
  • Go the extra step to make sure the resolution you provided really did take care of the problem. Follow up.

They all responded as follows when we discussed how to effectively solve a customer’s issue:

  • Listen carefully and ask clarifying questions to have a better understanding of the problem.
  • Acknowledge that you understand the issue by repeating what you heard them say. This will give them opportunity to agree or disagree with your assessment of the situation, then help them to provide even more information.
  • Be resourceful and creative when looking for a resolution to their issues.
  • Include the customer in the resolution by asking how would they would like to see the issue resolved?
  • Always call back when you said you would, even if you don’t have an immediate resolution. This will let the customer know you have not forgotten them and are still working on the problem.
  • Having more than one option allows the customer to have choices.

I also asked them what they think is the most important thing they do when helping their customer . . .

Their responses . . .

  • I try to really listen to the customer so they do not have to repeat themselves.
  • Find a reasonable and satisfying solution to their problem, even if it takes consulting with several people at Whip Mix.
  • I’m friendly and I smile when on the phone. It comes across, even if they can’t see you.
  • I make sure I follow up with whatever they need.
  • I try to be welcoming and answer their questions in one phone call.
  • Make sure to keep them informed if there is research to do, and thank them.
  • I make sure the customer has a fabulous experience with Whip Mix
  • The bottom line is to make sure all of their needs are met to their satisfaction.

Do your Customer Services Representatives follow these proven customer service techniques? Ask some of them what they think are the most important things they do to ensure happy customers. You may be surprised at how well some of them do with your dentist customers.

Margaret Overmeer

Margaret Overmeer has been with Whip Mix for over 23 years and is the Director of Customer Relations & Technical Support.