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Whip Mix Insights: After Nearly 100 years, How Does Whip Mix Sustain its Reputation for Quality?

There is a real sense of pride at Whip Mix that is almost palpable. It is the sense that we strive to manufacture things that genuinely help our customers. There is a lot of care in all of the departments at the company. We asked Jim Myers, our President, why he thinks the company still has a great reputation in the dental industry after almost 100 years. Here is what he said.

Jim Myers: The answer to how Whip Mix has sustained itself for nearly one hundred years in business is actually a rather simple one. We do the right thing by our customers and team members.  For nearly one hundred years, team members have been arriving to work ready and willing to do the best they can.  You might say it’s our culture.  We have a family culture, one that is built on unity and dedication to do right by one another. 

It is also a culture of continuous improvement or “lean thinking,” whereby we drive out waste and maximize value for all of our stakeholders.  The result is a product line and a level of service that a customer can depend on.  And they do.  We have not built a reputation on being the lowest-cost offering.  We don’t throw gadgetry and high prices at our customers either.  We strive to offer an experience that provides value for the customer.  And if there is a bump in the road, and there are, or an instance when we haven’t met expectations, then we will make it right.  When you buy from Whip Mix, you have a partner who has stepped up beside you, locked arms, and vowed to be there with you through thick and thin.  Maybe that sounds dramatic or like hyperbole, but I have seen it in action.  And I don’t believe you can last a hundred years without that attitude.  And as we look to the next hundred years, our customers will continue to experience that.

Our ability to adapt to the changing industry is directly related to the same thing. Loyal customers recognize and expect the value and service that we represent.  So when we introduce new products, loyal customers are willing to give us a try.  Even though it may be a product line that is not one in which we have traditionally participated.  They trust that we have researched and developed the expertise to offer something new.  Admittedly, at times there are learning pains.  Today’s new technologies are challenging all of us to adapt.  But, once again, our commitment and our loyalty to the customer is as dependable as ever.

Adapting with new products is only part of the answer however.  Without versatile team members we would have nothing to design, build and ship.  So a key to adapting over such a long period of time is a whole lot of good people that are willing to change what they do, and in some cases for thirty and forty years, and change course with new materials, tools, procedures, and customers.  It is not always comfortable, but the credit goes to them for making the change, being versatile, and keeping Whip Mix products and service at the level it has been for all these years.

Jim Myers

Jim Myers is the President of Whip Mix.

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