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Understanding the PTC 3Shape Training App

“I am interested in going digital and want to integrate a 3Shape scanner into our lab’s work flow, but what training can you provide?”

3shape-training-app-ptc-whipmixTackling the world of digital dentistry is both exciting and overwhelming. Everything revolves around your 3Shape scanner and you’re only as good as your design. My customers who aren’t familiar with 3Shape often ask about training, post training, and then additional support when needed. “What happens if I hire someone new?”, “What if I forget the training?” or ”It was so much information; I just couldn’t process it all.” These are all concerns when facing a large investment but now with this partnership with PTC we are able to address these key issues for the dental lab and help provide consistency, quality and productivity to the dental lab.

What is the PTC 3Shape Training App?

The PTC 3ShapeTraining app allows dental labs to receive formal training and helps educate the technician on standard procedures in 3Shape’s Dental Designer at the touch of their finger tips. This app allows dental labs to provide continuing education and support after formal training, in addition provides consistent training so each employee is trained in the same manner.

The PTC 3Shape Training App is available for both iPad and Android tablets.

Benefits of the PTC 3Shape Training App

The app will always be available and provide consistent training enabling the dental lab to provide consistent, quality products and maintain or improve productivity. The program provides a specific step by step procedure that, when learned and duplicated by the technicians and management, provides a basis for quality control and correction. When a manager sees a problem with a CAD design they can easily direct the technician to the place in the program that teaches the technician the steps they should have learned to correct the error. This goes a long way to hold technicians accountable for their work. Consistency in management is essential in establishing a quality work force. The step by step procedures included in the app eliminate random actions that add time and inconsistency to the task. A technician that is disciplined in using the procedures will naturally develop a rhythm that will increase productivity.

What the PTC 3Shape Training App Provides

The PTC 3Shape Training App gives you access to over 500 pages of illustrations and professionally narrated videos. It begins with the Introduction to CAD/CAM to PTC’s Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy course, then to the detailed step by step Introduction to the 3Shape Dental System where you will learn everything from logging a case and scanning procedures to step by step image manipulation.

Once you’re comfortable and proficient using the icons and manipulating the images you will progress to the 3Shape Posterior Crowns course. In 3Shape Posterior Crowns, you will use PTC models and the Ness tooth training library to design simple and anatomical copings plus full contour and split crowns. Throughout each course, the training images you see on your tablet will be the same images you will be manipulating on your 3Shape software.

After gaining competence designing full contour crowns, you will easily transition to 3Shape posterior Bridges where you will learn ideal connector position and design for frameworks and full contour bridges.

The PTC Training App grants you access to the complete 1,000 word PTC Visual Dictionary that is incorporated into the entire text so you will be able to clarify any misunderstood words by simply touching the word on your tablet screen.

If the goal is to create a consistent product, every design technician in the lab, whether an experienced technician or a new hire with no previous dental training, would benefit from this training app. The PTC Training App gives you the ability for training anywhere at any time while moving at a pace that you’re comfortable with. With the PTC App and Whip Mix support your decision to purchase your 3Shape scanner will be a success for your dental lab.

Marc Radziewicz

Marc Radziewicz has over 14 years of dental lab experience as a dental technician at Elmhurst Dental Laboratory in Elmhurst, IL. Marc received his Bachelors Arts and Science in Marketing Communications from Columbia College in Chicago.

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