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Transferring Between Articulators (Part II)

In a previous blog, I stated some of the reasons why you could not transfer from one articulator to another. There are systems however, designed to do exactly that.

While in general you cannot transfer between two different articulators and two different manufacturers, there are articulators whose design allows for these transfers.

An early originator of that transfer was Whip Mix Corporation, with the introduction of the ‘ACCUMOUNT’ system on the 2000, 3000 and 4000 series articulators. This system placed the mounting screws and studs of the lower member in the same position, relative to the upper member on each articulator in the series. A mounted set of casts could now be transferred from one series 2000 to another, one 3000 series to another with repeatability of movement. (Journal of Prosthodontics, Vol.8, No 4 (December) 1999: pp235-239) and (The International Journal of Prosthodontics, Vol 4, Number 3, pp 258-264, 1991).

Since the early days of transferability, many manufacturers have seen this need and have worked to produce it in their articulators. Still, you must transfer with similar articulators. In other words, you cannot simply transfer a Hanau™ to a Hanau™ or a Denar® to a Denar®. In most cases, they must be the same articulator. These transfers will yield an accuracy of about 80-100 microns.

For even more accuracy in a system, the new Denar® Mark 300 Series articulators from Whip Mix Corporation will give you a transferability of 20 microns or less between different articulators. There are four articulators in the system. The LAB RELATOR is strictly a mounting instrument. The Mark 310 has fixed settings at 25 and 15 degrees. The Mark 320 is a Semi-adjustable with condylar adjustment to 60 degrees and progressive side shift fixed at 15 degrees. The Mark 330 gives you condylar adjustment at 60 degrees, adjustable immediate side shift up to 2mm and progressive side shift to 15 degrees. All of these instruments come with magnetic mounting plates.

As a side note on this product, Mr. Royce Thompson, Mechanical Engineer with Whip Mix, was awarded the 2016 Hagman Inventors Award by the National Association of Dental Laboratories for the Mark 300 series of articulators.

Because there are no industry standards for the manufacture of articulators, if you would like accuracy in transferring casts from the clinic to the lab and back to the clinic, it is best to choose a system and then use a laboratory or doctor who uses the same system articulators. These instruments still need to be kept clean, in good repair and calibrated together on a regular basis to insure accuracy.

Craig Pickett, CDT, RG, TE

Craig A. Pickett is NBC certified in Crown & Bridge with Technologist designation. In 2014, Craig was the recipient of the NADL Excellence in Education Award.