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The Importance of Records in Diagnostic & Treatment Planning

What value do records bring to diagnostic and treatment planning?

Accurate records taken in the course of a diagnostic and treatment plan is what is needed. What looks easy may not be, and when a balanced occlusion becomes unbalanced and is ignored, it sets off a string of negative events.


By downloading this Whitepaper you will:

  • Review how records are the foundation for simple and complex dental cases
  • Evaluate the potential impact of a single tooth restored without a treatment plan
  • Imagine the confidence gained from working the case through on models to ensure a predictable outcome


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Bernie Jaroslow, CDT

Bernie Jaroslow, CDT, has over 40 years of experience in the dental laboratory industry. He is currently the Marketing Manager at Whip Mix Corporation responsible for all marketing support including developing content for digital and print, creating product instructions, packaging and sales literature.