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O2 means more than October 2nd

In honor of 02 Global Airway Health Day (Oct 2nd), I have compiled a list of books and articles that enlighten, motivate, and encourage me to keep asking questions, challenge what I think I know, and embrace the moment before me. While most of this list centers around disordered breathing during sleep, there are other aspects of dentistry and life included.

It’s Spring! Breathe Easy, Sleep Well!

Spring may be a difficult time to sleep, but why? Allergies may be just one of many reasons. Whatever the case for not sleeping, sleep related disorders & airway issues are increasingly becoming a major part of dental service. What are you doing to screen for sleep related disorders?

A House Divided: A Legal View of Home Sleep Testing [Webinar]

The landscape of the dentist’s role in treating patients with sleep-disordered breathing can be a complicated one to navigate. In this webinar, Ken Berley DDS, DABDSM brings his unique practical experience in dentistry and law to help dentists effectively treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

A Dozen Reasons to Consider the NoxT3 for your Dental Sleep Practice

Detecting disturbed REM sleep is difficult without polysomnography, but home sleep devices offer the physician nearly all the information they need. There are many sleep monitors available, but one monitor stands out as being not only comprehensive, but easy to use.