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“Popcorn Button Easy” 3D Printing

I heard a new phrase last weekend – “popcorn button easy”. They were referencing the popcorn button on the microwave, and how the timing is preset for making the popcorn. The user puts the bag in the microwave, pushes a button, and Voila – popcorn. This discussion took place at an educational event featuring digital … Continued

A Day in the Life of an R&D Chemist

My days usually start similarly. I do my morning drive through traffic, log on to my computer, check my emails, and grab myself a cup of coffee; but that is where the similarities end. My favorite thing about being an R&D Chemist is that every day is “new”. A new raw material to test. A … Continued

See the Two Sides of Whip Mix at the Upcoming Dental Meetings

The next time you stroll down the aisles at a dental meeting, you’ll come across Whip Mix times two! We’re there as always, right under our royal blue logo banner with the big white swish, and still providing dental equipment and products that dentists and lab technicians have trusted for over 102 years. However, this … Continued

Global Trends in Dentistry

The rapid growth of digital dentistry in the United States and Europe is hard to miss. Not only at the lab level but also on the clinical side as well. Dentists are even starting to generate their own digital outputs such as study models, splints and surgical guides, while their lab partners with them on … Continued

How to Overcome the Bottleneck of 3D Printing Post-processing

When post-processing 3D printed pieces, there are some challenges that need to be considered. If those challenges are not considered, it will be difficult to avoid the bottleneck that will often affect the overall production throughput. The bottleneck is created due to methods and workflows that were adopted by the process when the market was … Continued

Are Articulators Still the Gold Standard in Dentistry?

With the heavy push for digital dentistry and all things virtual, I have been asked to address the question “Are Articulators Still the Gold Standard in Dentistry”? First of all, digital manufacturing hasn’t reached every corner of the universe….yet. Not all labs or dental offices are ready nor equipped with digital know-how. With each new … Continued

Check Out the Baker’s Dozen Ideas from Digital Forum 2021!

If you weren’t at Whip Mix’s 9th annual Digital Forum last weekend, you missed a lot! What we learned through lectures, breakout sessions and networking with other attendees was invaluable, practical information about scanning, designing, manipulating CAM software, milling, and 3D printing. This year’s forum, Educate, Collaborate, and Make Your Mark in Digital Dentistry, featured … Continued