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Roland DG Quick Tip: Ensuring Consistent & Accurate Milling

With spring approaching and warmer temperatures on the horizon, it’s the time of the year when labs might do some spring-cleaning. There are a lot of external factors that can affect the quality of work on your mill, like temperature changes. Here are 3 things you can do to ensure that your milling is consistent and accurate.

  1. Location: If the environment where your mill is located at is cool in the morning, consider putting your mill through a warm-up cycle before milling cases.
  2. Calibration: Only calibrate your mill once it’s warmed up.
  3. Room Temperature: Be sure to maintain a consistent room temperature. While there is no specific temperature you need the room to be, it should be at a comfortable living range. Depending on your environment, you might need to adjust the heating or cooling as needed.

Remember your mills have components that are vulnerable to thermal expansion. Temperature changes of 10-20 degrees can result in inconsistent work. Be sure to perform regular maintenance on your mill and have a plan and process in place to ensure minimal production downtime when trying to troubleshoot any issues that may pop-up. And as always reference your mill’s manual for proper care and maintenance schedule.

Marc Radziewicz

Marc Radziewicz has over 14 years of dental lab experience as a dental technician at Elmhurst Dental Laboratory in Elmhurst, IL. Marc received his Bachelors Arts and Science in Marketing Communications from Columbia College in Chicago.

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