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Bellus3D Dental Pro eBook English


Want to produce high-quality 3D face scans?

This eBook shows why the Bellus3D Dental Pro high-quality 3D face scanning solution is one of the most exciting products to come along in a long time! Both dentists and labs use it to customize esthetic and functional smile designs, which provide powerful visualization for patients and dramatically increase case acceptance rates for the dentist.

The easy-to-do facial scan easily captures the full face and head with high detail and clarity, giving the lab something they rarely, if ever, have – the patient. This is really bringing the patient to the laboratory virtually!

The Bellus3D Dental Pro makes sharing data between dentists and labs very easy, and helps the lab make more informed clinical decisions for improved dental designs. The information available to the lab includes 3D Aesthetic Guide Planes, which help positioning the arches using the anatomy of the patient’s face.

The eBook will demonstrate how the scan works in harmony with 3Shape and other design software to virtually articulate the arches using 3D facial features. The end result is greatly enhanced with the information the Bellus3D Dental Pro provides.


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