X-20 Speed

RPD Casting Investment

X-20 Speed is a vastly improved casting investment for making chrome partial denture frameworks in half the time of conventional investments.

  • For casting any chrome partial alloy
  • Refractory cast is hard, strong and smooth
  • For rapid fire technique
  • Fits master models like gold castings
  • Sets fast — no tamping required
  • Controlled expansion with Special Liquid Concentrate
  • May be used without metal ring. Mixes easily and produces a cast of unusual smoothness and strength. May be used with any good duplicating material intended for chrome investments.

*Available for International only

*Recommended Liquid – Special Liquid Concentrate

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
12mL water/100g
Working Time
5-6 minutes
Setting Expansion
Thermal Expansion (700º-1,000ºC)
Compressive Strength, Wet
1,850 psi (13MPa)
Ready for Burnout
20 minutes
Item No. Description
33762 25kg (55 lb.) Carton
Special Liquid Concentrate
02135 340mL Bottle
02130 6pk / 340mL Bottles
02190 6pk / 1 Liter Bottles