X-20 Chrome

A Phosphate Investment for Casting Partials with Chromium Dental Alloys

A vastly improved casting investment for making chrome partial denture frameworks.

  • For casting any chrome partial alloy
  • Refractory Cast is hard, strong and smooth
  • No danger of breakage or abrasion
  • Fits master models like gold castings
  • Sets fast — no tamping required
  • Controlled expansion with SPECIAL LIQUID CONCENTRATE
  • May be used without metal ring

Mixes easily and produces a cast of unusual smoothness and strength. May be used with any good duplicating material intended for chrome investments. A SPECIAL LIQUID CONCENTRATE is furnished for pouring the ‘working cast.’ A 1 to 1 dilution with water gives controlled expansion for most alloys. If more expansion is desired, dilute with less water such as 2 parts liquid to 1 water. Water only is used in mixing the investment for the outer mold or ,ring. Castings are usually made with burn-outs between 730 degrees C and 1,000 degrees C (1,350 degrees F and 1,800 degrees F) although X-20 may be heated to 1,100 degrees C (2,000 degrees F) if required.

* Recommended Concentration of SPECIAL LIQUID is 50% (1 part liquid to 1 part water).

*Recommended Liquid – Special Liquid Concentrate

Physical Properties

Liquid/Powder Ratio
11ml/100g (Investing Outer Mold: 13 ml/100g)
Working Time
4-5 minutes (Investing Outer Mold: 5-6 minutes)
Setting Expanison
Thermal Expansion (700° - 1,000° C)
0.90% (Investing Outer Mold: 1.00%)
Compressive Strength (Wet)
2,500 psi / 17 MPa (Investing Outer Mold: 1,859 psi / 13MPa)
Ready for Separating
60 minutes (Investing Outer Mold: N/A)
Ready for Burnout
N/A (Investing Outer Mold: 2-hours)
Item No. Description
330205 X-20 Chrome 33#/15KG
Special Liquid Concentrate
02130 6pk / 340mL Bottles
02135 340mL Bottle
02190 6pk / 1 Liter Bottles
02194 1 Liter Bottle